All are in union with God!

Blessings tend to come in many ways and when these blessings/gifts come I can’t help but see the map of the Trinity in and through everything. Throughout the course of my life I have been told that “nothing happens by mistake”. I really never understood this statement because it seemed for most of my life I was swimming in my mistakes and feeling defeated and overwhelmed. Why is the “Tree of Life” vs the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil” the foundation of true intimacy with the Trinity? Why does it seem people come into our lives at certain times, flow out of our lives at other times and then suddenly re-appear?

The journey of finding our true identity starts in our head and moves into our heart and this adventure is what makes all of our relationships meaningful. This journey of a thousand footsteps begins with a single step. Sounds simple right?… The reality is everyone of us is on the path of discovering our oneness with the Trinity. I believe relationships come in and out and re-appear along this journey simply for moments of reflection. To see where we were and where we are now. As our eyes of understanding continue to open and we see ourselves perfect, righteous, holy and loved, the veils of separation are torn and the boundaries of our hearts expand. Allowing our hearts to Filter the things that we long for in relationships, business, health and wellness and many other things that affect the ecosystem of our hearts, that filter is the result of guarding our hearts with the Tree of life. The manifestation is a magnetic force larger than our minds can comprehend but fool proof because it is the very nature of Christ in us the hope of glory!

Belief comes from hearing and hearing the truth that we have been loved from the foundation of the world is the catalyst to ripping off the veils that have been placed on our hearts at previous times in our life, when we were told “you aren’t good enough”, or “God is only pleased with you if you believe this or do that.”

These layers of lies come off one by one as the Gospel, in all its glory, is shared and we begin to hear how wonderfully we are made. The more we hear this truth the more we are filled with peace and joy that overwhelms our lives.

The Anchor of our Creation dwells in our hearts overcoming our minds, and the freedom of living waters floods into all the areas of our lives. This living water resides in all of us. Tapping into this truth is the good news of who we are, who we belong to, and how the Trinity sees us perfectly. This water brings to life divine health and supernatural finances. The recipe isn’t some long drawn out begging session or a list of things you need to do to be healthy or have an abundance of financial prosperity. Divine health doesn’t come from what you eat or what you don’t eat, perfect health is believing God when He calls you His masterpiece, His perfect creation. Financial prosperity isn’t about some system to achieve your rewards. It happens when you believe you are in the Trinity, and everything you put your hand to prospers because of the living water you have in your heart and the relationship you have with the “GREAT I AM!”

“In that day you will know that we are in seamless union with one and another! I am in my Father, you are in me and I am in you!” John 14:20 MB, Kurts heart and my heart have been liberated by this truth. The wreckage of wrong beliefs in our hearts are being cleaned up everyday by recognizing who we are. We are in seamless union and perfect just the way we are! Hallelujah! “In this abiding you will fully know the truth about who you are and this knowing will be your freedom.” John 8:32 MB

Seamless union is the inability to see where something ends and something begins, think about that. What would your life look like if you saw yourself in seamless union with the trinity? How would you feel? In the day that we see ourselves unveiled in seamless union with the Trinity, we experience the Living water of the abundant life.

Everything that has breath praises the Lord. The original Hebrew text for “God” the Great I AM, is pronounced as the sound of our breath. Every breath we take declares our Creator, and reminds us of the foundation of our existence. This is the breath of who we have always been.

AHHHHH isn’t that the sound of a thousand angels echoing in the throne room? Isn’t that the most amazing echo of the Tree of Life? Isn’t it where all of life begins and ends? As we see ourselves living in and through the I AM, we begin to breathe fuller breaths of everlasting life. Everything is everything period. The gospel isn’t that we accept Christ into our hearts, the gospel is that we were born out of love and the Godhead has always accepted us to be a part of their life. We are participating in the great dance with the Trinity!

Dance, feast and celebrate your union with the Trinity. In that day… Today is your day! It’s a beautifully liberating gift.

Blessings in love,

Kurt and Katy

2 thoughts on “All are in union with God!

  1. Linda Davis

    Love this writing about our seamless union with the Trinity, or as I would say “God,” or others might say “the Universe.” I also believe that this is the true good news of the Gospel. I am saddened that this meaning has been hijacked by the Christian religion and turned into a denial of Grace and, as a result, the necessity of believing, accepting, reciting creeds, behaving in certain ways–in short “works.” This, in turn, evolves into God’s love and forgiveness for some is greater than for others who have not heard, known, or understood.


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