Do You Know the Enemy?

Who is the enemy Jesus was referring to when he said “the enemy’s propose is to steal, kill, and destroy?” -see John 10:10

For years Katy and I worked hard, followed programs and worked steps searching for freedom, peace and joy. We chased money. We looked to the medical community for divine health and we ended up broke and sick. Our story isn’t unique. Most people have had times where peace and joy seemed unattainable. Like many others, we were living in hell. We screamed at the situations we were in and worked harder to please a “God” we knew nothing about, and had no idea of His character. We were frozen in fear. We wept with guilt and we hid in shame.

Even in this darkness of not knowing who we were, or how valuable we are to God, we saw the light and met the Light face to face. We saw and experienced many miracles, and also saw many people that had been healed fall back into the same illness just months later. We pressed in harder and harder in desperation to heal the sick and reach the lost. But the harder we worked the less we saw, and the more tired we became. In our hearts we knew something was missing and early on we knew it had something to do with “guarding our hearts with all diligence for out of the heart springs the issues of our life.” -see Proverbs 4:23 We didn’t know what that meant and went down many rabbit holes in our quest to find the answer.

Today we have a much better understanding of the value of guarding our hearts from lies that claim we are anything other than perfect. We also see the importance of sowing the truths of who we really are into our soul. God is love, love is who we are. The voice of the Spirit echoes in our hearts when we hear how wonderfully we are made, that we are all destined for great things and perfect health, and cringes when we hear the lies of the enemy.

Who is the enemy? God loves everyone, Jesus served communion to Judas and still loves him today. Jesus didn’t like what the religious teachers were teaching when he walked the earth but he still loved them and came to reconcile them and everyone else to their true identity.

The enemy is anything teaching or promoting hate, fear, or exclusiveness. Whether it’s religious or not, anything that doesn’t give assurance to all mankind is the enemy. Any time the Spirit hears these lie’s she cringes. Yet, “she always raises a standard of the truth (Jesus) in our heart.” -see Isaiah 59:19.

Guilt, shame and fear are the silent killers. They are the cause of all health issues and all long term struggles with finances. Nothing opposes the real Gospel more then they do. They tell you God is angry at you. They tell you that you are not good enough and don’t deserve good things. They brake up family’s, destroy careers, and squash dreams. They are the enemy and flee in the light of the Lord when His truth is spoken.

The solution to the freedom from fear, shame, and guilt came as the incarnate God. He swept away the permanent result of distorted belief about who you are in God’s eyes, and who God really is. During the days of Jesus, the world had an interesting mix of beliefs about who God was. Very similar to what we see today. Maybe the labels are different but the same ideas are the focal points. There were those who believed if you acted and behaved a certain way, God would be pleased with you and not send you up in flames or strike you with famine and illness. While others believed if you were good, then good would come back to you. During this time many were beginning to see that “God is love, and love keeps no record of wrongs.” -see 1 John 4:16 and 1 Corinthians 13:5. The idea God is pure unwavering love stirred up anger in those who thought God’s love comes to us only if we work hard and be good. Many also believed God was only on their side and everyone not Jewish was an enemy of God.

Jesus is the way the truth and life and life more abundantly for everyone. It doesn’t matter what your ethnicity is, your blood line, your political affiliation, your sexual orientation, or your religious affiliation. Jesus has reconciled the entire world from all distorted beliefs and anything we see as lawless deeds. Just as we have written about many times before “are we putting more stock in the fall of Adam, or the resurrection of Christ.” This change of belief has radically changed our lives. We have begun to see others the way God sees them and as a result we have been able to see the way God sees us. Katy and I have come to the realization that God the Father has the same character and attributes as Jesus. We also see that Holy Spirit also radiates these truths about Jesus and the Father. They are all love, not disciplinarians, or guards and key holders to living the good life. This flip in our spirit has begun to produce all of the fruits of the Spirit. Love, joy, and peace are evident when we guard our hearts from the enemy. This deep change in our hearts has brought us back to who we have been from the foundation of the world. God loves us without exception.

“Let no anxiety about anything distract you! Rather translate moments into prayerful worship, and soak your requests in gratitude before God! Now let this be your conclusive reasoning: consider that which is true about everyone as evidenced in Christ. Live overwhelmed by God’s opinion of you! Acquaint yourselves with the revelation of righteousness; realize God’s likeness in you. Make it your business to declare mankind’s redeemed innocence. Think friendship. Discover how famous everyone is in the light of the gospel; mankind is in God’s limelight! Ponder how elevated you are in Christ. Study stories that celebrate life. These things are consistent with all that I teach and live; you can confidently practice what you hear and see in me. The peace that inevitably follows this lifestyle is more than a fuzzy feeling; this is God himself endorsing our oneness.” -Philippians 4:7-9 Mirror Bible. Hallelujah!!!

This is the good news of the Gospel. Let no fear distract you from whose you are, and how wonderfully you were created. You weren’t born out of brokenness you came from the love of the Trinity to commune with them but also to live and enjoy all of the joys of life.

For Katy and I, meditating or visualizing what we want our life to be, is what our life is becoming. We focus and thank God for the divine health we have. We focus and thank God for the supernatural financial increase in our life. We visualize what it will look like and how it makes us feel. In the last few years, the more we water our soul with the good news, the easier it is to see the changes in our life as if it already is.

Both Katy and I have truths we focus on when we get angst in our gut about dreams we have. Because no dream or goal is impossible for those seated in Christ, and all are seated with Jesus at the right hand of the Father. Those feelings of angst are not our fault and not our’s to own.

Whether you desire divine health, supernatural finances, or perfect relationships. Visualize what it looks like, how it makes you feel and enjoy creating all the desires of your heart with the Trinity. Fill your heart with the undiluted good news and watch the mountains in your life be cast into the vast ocean. You are His beloved child, and He is well pleased with you!

In Love,

Kurt & Katy

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