In Times of Crisis

Like many places in the world we are under the shelter in place rule. For many this has been a stressful time. When will life get back to normal? Is just one of the many questions that has been running through our heads. The answer is truly unknown. What we have learned the last several years is God is not the author of this. He is not testing anyone to see how they handle this. This is not the end of the world, because God will never destroy His children and the house He built for them.

The creator of the entire cosmos is not upset with his creation. He will never leave or forsake us. He resides in the deep inner place of everyone’s heart. He is truly our shelter. God’s unconditional love is our assurance that everything is going to be ok.

In our book What If? We go through much of our journey of how we met God and found out how He really views all of us. The power of the message we received from God has totally changed our lives. We learned that the Creator of ALL sees everyone in every part of the world as His perfect creation, His master piece, and His greatest dream made real. We realized that in this unwavering love that we ALL have been given everything we need to overcome any situation.

We ALL have been given the perfect immune system. When we meditate on our perfection we begin to live with divine health. The deeper we plant this truth of how God sees us into our hearts, the more we live in total peace and security which makes every cell in our body function at optimal levels.

When we have moments where we begin to doubt our security in this situation we simply take deep breaths and remind ourselves that we are alway above and never below. We are so wonderfully made that no virus can bring us down because we are wrapped in the truth of who we are and how we have been created and, we can stand in the peace that nothing can bring us down.

We ALL have the DNA of God living inside each and His Love always wins! Share the good news that everyone has been perfectly made! Because the deeper this grabs ahold of people the quicker we all can get back to living and enjoying life to the fullest.

As we ALL embrace our oneness with the Creator and the reality of how wonderfully all of us has been made. Total union will arise and all of humanity can stand in the peace and joy of His love! In ALL of our hearts, in every cell and every atom of creation. God is there.

Blessings in love,

Kurt and Katy

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