As 2019 comes to a end and the closing of the last decade becomes a shadow. We both are so excited for what lies ahead. Not only the adventures that await everyone, but also the reality that all we could ever need want or desire is already in each of us. The last decade has been an amazing ride when we reflect on the what has transpired in our hearts and in our life. We are overwhelmed with joy.

What if, the next year we all began and continued to see ourselves in total union with our Creator? What if, we all set out to see what is really possible in our union with God? What if, our hearts continued to open up to the idea that love is the force that holds us all together and nothing we can do will ever separate us from the purest love of all time. What would each of our lives begin to look like? When you attempt to visualize what you want your life to look like, what do you see and what do you feel?

Gods love for you is so much more than the world has been telling us from the beginning of time, what we have been told has caused us all struggles with the ability to relate to a love that truly sees nothing wrong with us and in totally unconditional.

We are excited to announce the release of the book we wrote in 2019. We are excited to see what begins to change in readers hearts and minds as they turn over the rocks of some foundational beliefs and examine those beliefs from a new pair of glasses. The description of the book is:

All of us have questions about who created us, why we have been created, and how we have been called to live. This book invites all of us to enter into the most important discussion on various topics that we could ever have. WHAT IF, is Kurt and Katy Adkins story of some miraculous events that caused them to examine and re-examine 15 beliefs that they had previous held concerning who God is and how He views all of humanity. This is a discussion that has the ability to free our hearts from fear, anxiety, stress and give us all the ability to live life full of joy and peace. Joining them in this conversation will be the most rewarding adventure you will ever go on!

WHAT IF? By Kurt and Katy Adkins is available in paperback and kindle. We look forward to having you join us in the discussion!


Cheers to the next decade and the next year! Best Wishes and Blessing for the New Year!

In Love,

Kurt and Katy

4 thoughts on “WHAT IF?

  1. tonycutty

    Looks great, and I’m going to buy it. If I might offer some constructive criticism, though, you really, really need to get your use of apostropes sorted. The plural of Truth is not Truth’s, but Truth 🙂


  2. tonycutty

    Well, I’m half-way through the book and lovin’ every bit of it. I would like to let you know that these things that God has been teaching you are also things He’s been speaking to me about as well. I consider this to be nothing less than utterly thrilling: that in this time He is speaking His heart to those around the world who have the ears to hear. In particular, I have long been researching the ideas of sin/hamartia/bad actions/believing the wrong thing about God/falling short, and you have crystallised things beautifully for me. Thank you for this book, and Peace and Grace to both of you 🙂

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  3. Lloyd Russell

    I Love the two of you and have enjoyed reading your articles over the past year, when I stubbled onto Expanding The Eye Of The Storm! Been looking forward to the book. I especially admire your passion to share this Good News Of God’s Unconditional Love. “There is One God and Father of All, who is over All and through All and IN ALL.
    Looking forward to the blessings of reading your book and sharing in the Truth, “JESUS”.

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