How we are able to live the life of our Dreams.

So often it is said that God is the author of our life. Countless people have great ideas, revolutionary thoughts and goals that could change their life forever and many times the course of peoples lives as well. But because they believe God plant’s the desires in their heart. They spend countless hours trying to figure out if this great idea or life changing choice is God’s will, and because they don’t see some sign from God they push away what they desire to do because they believe those desires come from the flesh and they need to live by the Spirit. Does this sound familiar? We had a time in our life where we lived this way, and honestly we got exhausted.

This idea or belief is one that we have both thought about in-depth and examined. The next paragraph is a excerpt from our book. It’s a dramatic example and statement. However if you can see the contrast, as well as reflect on times that you have heard or experienced something similar you will understand why we used this example.

“This story is not gender-specific. Imagine an abuse victim who has been brutally beaten, going to the hospital to get help. The doctor comes in and says to the nurse that is stitching up the cut above the eye, stabilizing the broken arm, and securing the IV line. “Boy, I am so glad they got to go through this, because now they have the opportunity to get closer to the abuser.” Common sense says that is asinine and the doctor shouldn’t practice medicine. Yet similar situations happen and leadership of church’s say, “Boy, this is a great opportunity to get closer to God, and by the way behave better so this doesn’t happen again.” page 93 WHAT IF 15 Topics Worth Discussing by Kurt and Katy Adkins

What if, God is the Creator of our lives and not the author of our life? What if the desires come from our surroundings and events in our life. Which then as creators of our own life we are able to see our wildest dreams become our reality. That’s a God we can believe in, one that has given us the ability to create and live the life we desire. We believe how you can live the life you desire is easier than you may think. The simple practice we call gardening is what we have done on a regular basis that has worked in our life. The process is simply plant, tend, water, and weed.

For us the first step is to plant our dreams and goals into our heart. We do this by continuing to speak our desire as if it already is our reality. Then we visualize (meditate) on what it looks like and the feeling that we have when we are living this goal or desire.

The second thing we do is tend to our heart by guarding it from negativity, and naysayers. Then we pluck the wrong beliefs that have crept into our life from birth. This weeding and protecting of our garden has made room for a plentiful harvest of our desires.

Then we just continue to water ourselves with the reality that we are loved, favored, and worthy of all our goals! The truth is God created us to live the desire we have. He has always seen us worthy of the life style we aspire to live. This watering also includes meditating (visualizing) and speaking the life and goals we have. Through consistency naturally and truly effortlessly we have began to see every goal and dream we have thought and spoke about the last few years come into fruition.

From our finances to our health, to our relationships and to our fitness everything has prospered to the degree we have been able to believe was possible. This has freed us up to believe bigger and bigger in all aspects of our life. Thankfully, the more we have done this the quicker it is to identify when weeds have crept into our garden. But when we are not intentional in our focus to keep our garden clear of weeds they quickly will sprout. These experiences have helped us to see how important it is to keep our mind and heart in the undeniable truth that we were created perfectly and wonderfully despite what the doubters or haters say.

We are not unique everyone has the ability to live the life of their desire. For us it is rooted in the Love of who we are and how God sees us, which has given us the beautiful experience of gaining the clarity, to live and experience a life filled with peace, joy, laughter, adventure, and security. This amazing gift of life in absolute union with the Creator of the entire cosmos has given us a true glimpses on the truth that nothing is impossible. Because Nothing can ever separate us from our union with the triune Godhead. He is in and through all things, he is the creator of life, but we are the authors of our lives. For us when we began to know this, and truly understand it, our minds shifted from what once seemed impossible to a tangible reality.

God only wants the best for all of His creation. No one was created to be His slave or servant. Everyone was created as His child. He would never ask us to limit our desires or justify awful life experiences as His works to bring us closer or make us behave. That would be a horror story. He only wants our minds to be blown by the joy of union and embracing our oneness! If you could have, do, or experience anything you desire, What would it be? What would it feel like? And how would it look? We are all one decision away from writing our dreams on our hearts! Let’s begin and see the harvest come into fruition!

In Love,

Kurt and Katy

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