Your Belief Becomes Your Reality!

To begin with, we would like to apologize for our lack of posts over the last year. As many of you know, we got emerged writing, editing, and publishing our first book. Being new to the process, we learned a lot especially about how not to handle time, and our next book will certainly go smoother. Thanks to what we have learned our next book will not interfere with the importance of continuing to publish new blogs and podcasts. We realize that consistency is very important, and we are sorry that the last 13 months we didn’t write as many blogs as we could have. We are excited to share from our heart’s and mind’s what we have learned the last year about how good the good news really is and how we all have what it takes to kick butt in life. The best really is yet to come!

After coming out of the seriousness of many of the testimony’s and topics we wrote about in our book “What If? 15 Topics Worth Discussing for Lifelong Happiness.” We have been affirmed once again of the importance of living in joy and making the most of every situation. We both believe that God designed everyone perfectly, and because of this we all have the ability to create the life we desire. He is the greatest creator of all time. He created all of us in His image and likeliness. Which simply means if He is a creator and we are his carbon and spiritual copy then we are also creators.

What we believe has become our reality. Our beliefs continue to create the life we desire. Our relationship has gotten stronger and more spontaneous the more we have spent time visualizing the fun, exciting and adventurous life we desire. And thankfully when things aren’t going that way we can quickly turn the table over and visualize making it through those situations. And we then make it through.

We have written about this topic on several occasions. But even now it is more evident that our belief has become our reality. When we believe we are in a perfect loving relationship, totally loved by the one who designed us perfectly. Essentially when we see our selves the way God sees us, we begin to see others the way God sees them. Which in turn has helped our marriage and many other relationships we have.

For us when things go south, the simple reminder that we are perfect, destined to win, and born to live our dreams is just what we need. Often being reminded of who we are brings perspective and new ideas into our life. Knowing and believing we are always in union with our creator has changed our life and we now are able to create and live the life we desire without fear. Life is amazing, we are all blessed, loved, and worthy of anything we desire! If things feel like they are off, just remind your self of who you are and visualize what you desire. Then don’t be shocked when your belief becomes your reality. Enjoy being amazed! See it in your mind, feel it in your heart and then love the adventure.

Blessings in Love,

Kurt and Katy

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