You were not created to Fear your Creator!

With our upcoming book, What If? 15 topics worth discussing, that will be available later this month for pre-order on Amazon. We are compelled to share the simple truth that no one was created to fear the Creator of the entire Cosmos.

The Creator of the world and the entire universe is complete love and cherishes everyone and everything He created. He is the engineer of what we look like and who he designed us to be. But in that we all have been created to live and enjoy the life we create. We have the ability to go after things that move us. Which allows us experience the joy of living. We weren’t designed to worship him non-stop, because God is not a narcissist who needs continuous praise and worship. God is excited about the adventures we will have, and He believes in all of us. He knows we all have everything it takes to accomplish all our hearts desires.

Nothing is impossible, and nothing is unattainable! Aim for the moon and remember the worst thing that happens if you miss is you end up in the stars. God’s faith in us, is the faith we are able to rest to victory with.

In Love.

Kurt & Katy

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