What is God’s Will for Us?

What is God’s Will for Us? The answer to this question has been skewed for generations because the personality and character of our Creator has been distorted from “pure LOVE” into an “Angry Narcissist” who loves only the few, needs continuous worship, and can’t wait to torment and torture many others? For us, the last few years we have examined and re-examined who we thought our Creator was and who He really is. What we have discovered has been absolutely amazing, joyful and astonishing in ways we never thought was possible.

This time of study, has been interesting, and the truth in what we have found has set us free. We were finally able to see that the Bible is not the infallible word or God. The Old Testament is a compilation of stories by men to attempt to explain a God they did not know, and also to explain how He was involved in the good and bad events in their lives. The New Testament Epistles are letters written by some of the Apostles to groups of people who were beginning to see God in His true form of LOVE. Two of the Gospels are eye witness accounts written by John and Matthew to what they saw and experienced with Jesus. The Book of Act’s in the story of How the Gospel of LOVE and GRACE began to reach the Middle Eastern region. The truth is every word ever written in the Bible came from the desire to have and be in relationship with the Creator of the Universe. The question we ourselves when reading or hearing any message connected to God is; does this represent the God of unconditional love and favor or not? The beauty is God has given everyone including the authors of the Biblical Canon the free will to share their own journey and perspective.

The incarnate God came in the flesh, and when he arrived in the flesh of Jesus Christ. The world was introduced to the infallible “Word of God.” God’s journey into the world was to bring back all of creation into the knowledge that, without a shadow of a doubt, all are in friendship and in God’s family. Jesus revealed the personality and character of God the Father. In Christ we see that even wrong beliefs about who God is and how we think he sees us will not separate us from God. As well as any bad behavior, nothing will ever separate us from God’s favor and kindness.

The good news is everyone is created in God’s likeness and in His image! God is not a Tyrant or a Narcissist. God’s will for us is to live and enjoy life, to reign, and to love others because we realize we are loved by our Creator without conditions. Everyone has been created to celebrate the fullness of what the world has to offer. We are ALL His children!

God is Love. We are all perfect and righteous, and we will never be a disappointment to God, nothing we could do will ever end our wonderful eternal existence with Him.

With Love,

Katy & Kurt Adkins

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