Why we say “God dam it!”

The foundation of all great relationships is communication. All of the great athletic dynasty’s had wonderful communication on the field or on the courts and in preparation before the games they played. Successful companies know how to communicate with their team of employees and their clients. The best marriages have phenomenal communication. Parents and children who communicate well have a solid bond that even when things are going rough the foundation of love always eventually comes, bringing them back together.

The title of this blog alone might be causing you to shake your head or think “these two have lost their minds and need to repent.” But even though the title was intended to get your attention, there is a foundational truth about “why we say God dam it.

The truth lies deep in our hearts, and when tapped the fruit that grows in our life is supernatural. We become baptized in assurance and are engulfed in waves of peace and joy. Trials and tribulations wash away in the flood of the undiluted Gospel. How come our natural reaction when things are going bad is to either say “Jesus Christ or “God dam it?”

In the last several blogs we covered a lot about being in union with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This is part of a progression that is removing the religious nonsense from the Gospel of pure Love and 100% Grace. Even as a young child I can remember saying “God dam it!” And of course being scolded by every adult I said this in front of. How come when things weren’t going well my natural untrained reaction was to ask “God to dam it?”

The word dam is not be confused with the word damn which is a “Christian” belief that means to be condemned by God to suffer eternal punishment in “Hell.” The idea of “Hell” was not something I was born knowing or believing in any idea of a permanent torture. These ideas are what I was being scolded about and taught from a young age. Eventually I learned these concepts in church and or by people connected to church. Today I know the Creator of ALL mankind doesn’t believe in the “Hell” that is commonly taught in multiple religions around the world or do I believe the Lover of ALL MANKIND would ever torture or torment any of His precious children. Katy and I have covered these subjects in multiple other blogs we have written including “Out of Darkness and Into the Light” from February 2018, “Oh Death where is your Sting” from October 2017, and “I assure you, you will be with me in Paradise” from November 2017.

By definition, a dam is a barrier constructed to hold back water and when it is in functioning in perfection of the foundation it was built on, only what is permitted to pass through it is allowed and the rest of the water is held back. So common sense speaking isn’t that what was being talked about in Mathew 18:18? “Truly I say to you, whatever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

In Christ all have life and all things came from the love of the Trinity. The love of our Creator lives in everyone. There is no one created that isn’t born out of love and loved completely. He dwells in everything that has breath. (See Genesis 1-2, John 1, Romans 8, Psalm 150 and many other verses) Being that we are in the heart of the Trinity, our natural response to struggles is to ask God for help. So, if we ask God to “dam it”, we aren’t doing anything wrong. We are merely asking our Father, Mother, and Husband to help us by stopping what isn’t working in our life. Religious teachers have for decades been telling kids and adults not say “God dam it” and we are saying when something needs to be stopped in our life you should say “God dam it!” And God will stop it cold in its tracks. When we know we are His and He is for us and with us our conversation with God will, at times, include us asking for help.

This same principle applies to saying “Jesus Christ” when we find ourselves in a predicament. In one breath we are told to say the “in the name of Jesus” at the end of our prayers but if we just blurt out “Jesus Christ” when things aren’t going well then we are using his name in vain. It doesn’t make any sense. If everything bows to the name of Jesus then we should blurt it out when things aren’t going well whether we are having formal prayer time or not.

A few years ago I was traveling over a mountain pass with a few friends. For months my friends and I had been really focusing on the truth that “Jesus is the name above all names and all things natural or supernatural bow to His name”. We were seeing miracle after miracle because the belief in His name was planted as a little seed in our hearts and was growing daily. We were excited and out of our minds with joy. Things we had been witnessing nearly daily were beginning to shake and crumble many of the foundations of wrong belief’s that were in our hearts. This new seed was growing and growing. The more it grew the more we saw as our eyes were opened to the truth.

That day the weather turned dramatically, the snow was coming down at an incredible rate. We could only see a few yards in front of us. Then out of the flurry of snow appeared a car that was stopped directly in front of us. The driver of our car slammed on the brakes and turned the wheels to miss the car. We proceeded to slide off the road which had a steep cliff leading into a river. The three of us recall the vehicle flipping over as it rolled toward the river. Out of habit, and having the Creator living in all of us, we all said “Jesus Christ!” The next thing we recall is that the car we were in, changed direction in midair and was placed softly back on the road in front of the car that had stopped. We all broke down in tears. Joy, peace and security overwhelmed us. The three of us from that moment knew that kids and adults need to be encouraged to use the name of “Jesus” in times of need and never to be scolded for doing so.

You are child of the Most High. He loves you unconditionally! Your husband is the King of Kings, and your mother is the others focused Spirit that will never leave you and will always encourage and uplift you. You don’t need to beg these three to help you. You are able to talk to them about anything and everything. You can listen to them telling you how perfect and wonderful you are. You were born to create amazing things and they will help and guide you in your quest for pure joy and supernatural peace. This is what prayer really is. It is communicating with an open and free discussion and mediating on what your dreams are and what it will be like to be living them out.

Allowing the Trinity to do their thing, damming the situations in our lives’ and calling on the name above all names, “Jesus Christ”, we are participating in the perfect dance of union. Love allows us to hope, dream and believe. Knowing we are loved perfectly in the midst of the veils that make us see ourselves distorted, we begin to encounter what Paul was talking about in Ephesians 1 when he prayed to have God open his eyes of understanding so he could see himself the way God saw him, and to open his ears so he could hear the beautiful words the Trinity had to say to him and about him.

We are so excited for the reset that is happening as humanity continues to respond to the echo within and to walk away from the deception that comes from outer stimulus. We are all His perfect masterpieces, everything that was, everything that is, and everything that will come to be began at the foundation of the world, and in the midst of the most beautiful conversation. We all are birthed out of that. Today we get to participate in that conversation celebrating the truth of our true identity.

You have always been blessed, reconciled to your true being, Christ in you the hope of glory! Thank you Father that we all continue to walk in our oneness and embrace our identity! We are free to live and enjoy life and participate fully in the Great Dance!

Blessings in Love!

Kurt and Katy

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