Our journey of re-constructing our view on the entire Trinity has been a process. We started this journey in the summer of 2011 when Katy was miraculously and instantly healed from a disabling form of epilepsy. This event shaped and formed the foundation of where we are today. The road has had a few potholes and road blocks along the way for sure. Even when the rocks were being thrown our direction from some in the “Christian” community, God’s unconditional LOVE continued to shape and direct us to the unraveling and examining of the “who told you this about me” that had dictated both of our views of how we saw the Trinity and ourselves. Along the way we have seen and experienced God’s amazing love manifest in numerous super-natural healings and His loving touch in many other amazing testimonies. In looking at the “end time” teachings from this new lens, we experienced a massive change. During this time with God, through study, communication, and mediation, we began a process of unveiling wrong beliefs about many subjects like “eternal damnation” and who we are and how God the Father and the Spirit have always viewed us and continue to view us today.

Our view on statements such as “how we aren’t worthy, God only loves us because Jesus took our beating, or God only loves those who recognize Jesus” have radically changed the deeper we have gotten into His Love. Throughout this journey of growing into our true authentic selves, Kurt and I have had many great conversations, and revelations about many topics. A few weeks ago we heard Pastor Mike Popovich, from  give a message and I had another beautiful “ah ha” moment. When John the Baptist said “I need to become less so that Jesus could become more” (SEE JOHN 3:30) he was actually showing us the system of works, (mans efforts) needed to become less so the fullness of Christ could become everything.

Jesus is the reflection of who God the Father, God our Creator, and Spirit are. The character of all three are the same….pure love, no anger, nothing but LOVE, LOVE, and more LOVE. I know many of you will say yeah but look at the Old Testament.  Our response is similar to what Jesus told the teachers of the law in the four gospels. Paraphrasing what Jesus said is, if you know me, then you know the father, but you must not know me if you can’t see who the Father really is. (SEE JOHN 14:5-13) Our response: Those are stories and events written from years of oral translations past on from generation to generation from people who did not know God or understand His character. God did not change his mind about man after He beat Jesus and hung him on a stick. Man beat and hung Jesus on the cross and as a result, God’s unfailing love prevailed for all. Jesus went to the darkness of wrong belief, proclaimed the good news and all came out of the darkness and rose with Him. (SEE MATTHEW 27:50-53)

God created us in His image, which is good and calls us His masterpiece. Jesus never called us worthless mess ups or lowly sinners…those are mans words. Rather, Jesus shared the Love the Father has and, has always had, for His children. This message of how much we are loved just the way we are is the Gospel. “There is no other gospel in spite of the many so-called Christian products branded “gospel.” If any hint of the law remains, it is not good news but merely religious people’s ideas, detracting from the gospel of Christ.” -GALATIANS 1:7 MB

The Father, the Son, and the Spirit are love and light. “Jesus said, “My I am-ness [mirrored in you] is your way; this is your truth and also your life! Every single person can now come face to face with the Father entirely because of my doing.”” -JOHN 14:6 MB

Jesus is the Word. The Bible is not the Word, but is the story of pure love. The story begins in the Garden of Eden and ends with freedom for ALL. It essentially paints the picture of how messed up man’s perception has been of the Triune God, and despite our wrong view of God, He still loves each and everyone of us, and has saved us all from an eternity of darkness caused by wrong belief. Katy and I know one thing for certain…God’s love is bigger and better than any words we attempt to use to explain it!

“To go back to the very beginning is to find the Word already present there; face to face with God. The Word is I am; God’s eloquence echoes and concludes in him. The Word equals God. The beginning mirrors the Word face to face with God. The Logos is the source; everything commences in him. He remains the exclusive Parent reference to their existence. There is nothing original, except the Word! The Logic of God defines the only possible place where humankind can trace their genesis. His life is the light that defines our lives. The darkness was pierced and could not comprehend or diminish this light.” -JOHN 1:1-5 MB Jesus is the Word. The Father, Son, and Spirit are the light that ends darkness.

This may surprise many people and cause debate among others, but the Gospel has nothing to do with religion. The Gospel is defined as the “too good to be true news.”  The Gospel isn’t exclusive for one group, the Gospel is for everyone that has ears to hear and in the end all will fall in love with the One who loves them. Their (everyone’s) knee will bow as they fall into complete love for the creator of ALL.

Everyone; male, female, transgender, gay, straight, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jew, Buddha and everyone else has been created from the overflowing love of the Trinity. We are all the dream of God made into flesh and His love for us will not waver. He has loved us from the foundation of the world just the way we are….no conditions!

The Gospel is only good news, too good to be true good news. The good news defies the world’s perception and ideals. For those who begin to hear it, they will begin to jump for joy and their hearts will skip to the perfect beat of peace. When the echo of LOVE fills our entire body we are able to live and enjoy the wonderful gift of life God has given us. The desires of our heart become real and we dance to the sweet rhythm of our breath as it proclaims “Yehweh, Yehweh, Yehweh, Yehweh……….”

Some may be feeling a sense of peace like finally realizing their heart feels ok while others may be stretched to a place of discomfort. When I began to have these ah ha moments, some felt so peaceful, while other times I felt like my head was spinning and my breath was fully alive. I am going to pose a question that Kurt and I discuss often. “If the kingdom of God is only available for a certain group of people that have jumped through certain hoops to get there, what kind of a self image does God have If He created us all in his image, but only wants to spend eternity with a chosen few?” The ministry of reconciliation is so beautiful when we get lost in His love and, in turn, wash others with the love He met us with. I love that today Kurt and I are not placing a box around Jesus and saying only a select few can encounter him. All of humanity is on a quest searching and studying and trying so desperately to find the “right” concept of God. I would challenge all who have ears to hear to focus on your breath, and experience God. God gave it to you, He cant get any closer than that. In His breath is the Light of life! PSALM 150:6 states that “everything that has breath will praise the Lord”. Hallelujah!! It’s not what we have believed about ourselves but it IS what God says about us that makes all the difference… Love, peace, and acceptance

Freedom, freedom and more freedom in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit is what we proclaim. Katy and I are jumping with joy as we share the Gospel of His unmerited favor and kindness to ALL those that have ears to hear.

We also thank many Pastors, teachers, and friends along the way who have helped echo the love we have in our hearts become real and flow from our mouths and fingertips with His Grace.

In Good News,

Kurt & Katy Adkins


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