The Truth about Feasting and Fasting. 

In the Christian community fasting is a staple. Many believe it is the cause and the way prayers are answered. Yet, fasting is never mentioned more than three times in any of the translations of the New Testament. But when we compare this to the theme of the New Testament Epistles we realize love and grace dominate the letters. Both are mentioned over 150 times.

For the Jewish population who believed they had a contract with God, that is often referred to the Old Covenant. Fasting which means to abstain from all or some types of food or during observance to a religious holiday or rule. During the Jewish holiday , Yom Kippur which is also known as the Day of Atonement which before the Jewish Temple was destroyed by Roman Soldiers in 70AD, was the holiest day of sacrifice form the Israelite Nation. On that day, the high priest was to perform elaborate rituals to atone for all the commandments and rules people had broken. The religious ritual would begin with the High Priest of Israel bathing, and putting on royal garments before entering the inner court of the temple. After entering the Most Holy Place, the inner court, which occurred only on this day, the High Priest would sacrifice a bull for a sin offering for himself and his family. The blood of the bull was then sprinkled on the ark of the covenant.  Two goats were then brought in by the High Priest, one to be sacrificed “because of the uncleanness and rebellion of the Israelites and whatever their sins were” and the blood from one goat was sprinkled on the ark of the covenant, the other goat was used as a scapegoat. The High Priest placed his hands on its head, confessed over it all the rebellion and all the wickedness of all Israelites, and sent the goat out with a highly regarded man who released it into the wilderness. The goat carried on itself all the sins of the all the people, and everyone was forgiven until the next Day of Atonement. On this day all Israelites fasted.

Jesus was the atonement for all that believe, the final sacrifice, the end of the Old Covenant of sacrificing bulls and goats. He ended the ritual for the Jewish population, and told them that the temple would fall in that generation. The religious idea of fasting came from the idea that God needs a sacrifice to be pleased with us. This is the depiction of a God of hate, and thirst for blood. And this is not God. Never was and never will be. God created everyone to live and enjoy life. Feast on the wonderful life we have, filled with love, peace, joy, and pleasure.

The Great I am, lives in everyone and shows himself when love and laughter comes bellowing out of us. Feast on the Good news and meet everyone in love.


Kurt and Katy

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