Is the fall of Adam more victorious than the Resurrection of Christ?

Time and time again I hear reference and blame pointed towards Adam and Eve for every reason why the world we live in is the way it is. I, at times, have found myself talking to Kurt and I mention well if the apple wouldn’t have gotten eaten then this wouldn’t be the outcome. These empty words I have uttered and heard others speak for the entirety of my life are just that. Empty…

In Church on any given Sunday, on k-love or any Christian radio station songs are sung about how “Jesus paid it all,” “the same power that rose Jesus from the grave is in us,” “Your praise will ever be on my lips.” They feel good, hands are raised, and worship happens and then… The teaching begins. Often we are told “we are alive in Christ, but we are forever under the fall of Adam and Eve. We had just sung how we are bought and paid for, but we now have to do our diligence and not fall into the snares of the devil. Even though Jesus was resurrected and in His resurrection we are new creations, but we are told we still have the consequences of Adam and Eve to deal with. Under this teaching we are told we will never fully be free until Jesus comes back or we die and then we will have what God always wanted for us as long as we have done our part on His terms. Honestly for the longest time I would not only embrace that experience but I would tell people those things as if it was really good news.

Sadly, Adam often gets more glory and praise than our redeemer. As you read this there may be a few heart checks. I hope you awaken to the freedom in what we are sharing. Personally when I began to talk to God with “what if” and “could this really be true” My heart began to heal from the hurt I had been consumed by and His resurrection life began to flow into all of the places I thought were the result of what Adam and Eve had done in the garden. “I want to say it with such clarity that no one will be able to lead you to an inferior conclusion by bending your mind with clever words.”(Col 2:4) 

Clever words like “but” are often the lead up to the bait and switch teaching that has shaped modern Christianity. These clever twists focus more on Adam and Eve and what we need to do in order to minimize the freedom we have in Christ’s finished works. This false teaching has closed many people off from God’s  love and the Holy Spirits power. This is the signature of many preacher’s, teacher’s, and church member who see’s our country and state of affairs as “godless”. 

Did you know before you were ever lost in Adam you were already found in Christ? “To go back to the very beginning is to find the Word already present there; face to face with God. The Word is I am; God’s eloquence echoes and concludes in him. The Word equals God. The beginning mirrors the Word face to face with God. The Logos is the source; everything commences in him. He remains the exclusive Parent reference to their existence. There is nothing original, except the Word! The Logic of God defines the only possible place where humankind can trace their genesis.”(John 1:1-3)

Everything begins and ends in Him. If our genesis really came from the beginning and all things are made through Him, then why, if God is love, would he not just love us fully? Why would he continue to allow things of this world (the fall of Adam) to dictate our experience hear and now? The reason I am walking you through this is I had to walk through it to come to really understand my I am ness is fully in Christ. Through this what if scenario between you and God I would ask you to set aside what your head tells you and allow what is in your heart to come out. It may be shocking to realize at the base of all of our thinking is where truth lies and life begins… Our heart. How often we hear the journey from our head to our heart is only 18 inches but its the longest walk each of us will ever take. In Ephesians 1, Paul prays for our spiritual eyes of understanding to be opened, and For our spiritual ears to hear. I have always loved this prayer but only during this journey did if fully overtake me with such grace and joy that His love naturally began to flow out. The fall of Adam and all His sarrow can only manifest power through our head knowledge. 

Things we see on tv, news, media and other people’s experiences have influenced our head knowledge. However our heart knowledge was in the beginning with God. Out of His breath all things are made. He is in and through everything, without him nothing that was made was made. “You have shut me out in your self-righteousness; but behold, here I stand knocking at the door! If any one recognizes my voice and lets me in, I am so ready to join you for a feast! Yes, I will dine with you and you with me! And everyone’s personal triumph will be celebrated together with me, by being jointly seated together in my Kingship! On exactly the same basis of my victory celebration and my joint seatedness with my Father in His throne! Now listen up with your inner ears! Hear with understanding what the Spirit is saying to the ekklesia!”(Rev 3:20-22)

From the foundation of the world the Spirit was placed in your heart. The Spirit sustains your heart and is what gives us life and meaning to our lives. Our self-righteousness comes when we put more emphasis on Adam and all of the darkness in the world forgetting that His life is sitting in the center of our hearts waiting for us to communicate and grow in all Gods wisdom celebrating, all the grace we found all the joy we found all the peace we have found in our original identity… Jesus!

“This gives me all the more reason to remind you to fan the flame of Gods grace gift within you into a blazing hot fire. Your life and ministry mirrors mine; I endorse the gift of Gods boldness within you when I laid my hands on you. Become fully aquatinted with His gift in you, there is nothing timid about it; the dynamic of a mind liberated the spirit of love is fearless and unstoppable.”(2 Tim 1:6-7) His grace gift is Jesus death, burial and resurrection. It was the light of life at the beginning of time. He knew you before you were formed in your mothers womb. If all of this is true, then upon His life experience seeing our pain, shame and condemnation, when he descended into hell and reconciled all the world to himself and was raised for our justification. Then wouldn’t it also make sense that Adam and Eve where also raised for there justification? If all of that is true, then wouldn’t it also make sense that our focus should be on that too good to be true news?

“You were in Christ when he died which means that his death represents your true circumcision. Sin’s authority in the human body was stripped off you in Him dying your death.
(The belief that Adam and Eve believed they needed to do something to be more like God.) In the same parallel your co-burial and joint resurrection is now demonstrated in baptism; (becoming fully immersed in your I am ness) Your co-inclusion in Christ is what God’s faith knew when he powerfully raised him from the dead.(see Hosea 6:2) You were once spiritually Dead as confirmed in your constant failure; being bound to a lifestyle ruled by distorted desires of your flesh, but now God has made you alive together with Him having forgave you of all of your trespasses.”(Col 2:11-13)

Before the resurrection it made sense to sing songs like oh come, oh come Emanuel. Before all things were raised to life in Christ I could understand focusing on Adam and Eve eating from the wrong tree. Honestly, before I saw myself mirrored in Christ’s life it was easy to point the finger and long for the day that all things would fade away, and I would be face to face with my redeemer in the presence of His unconditional love. Kurt and I feel so blessed that we are in the process of experiencing it now. We are alive and well, knowing that the journey from our heads to our heart continues to blow our minds with the too good to be true news… ALL REALLY MEANS ALL. And, if we were all dead in adam then we are all alive in Christ.

Oh thank you Lord that from the beginning you desired a intimate relationship with all of creation. I am so glad you didn’t pick and choose who you knew before you formed us in our mothers wombs. I am so blessed that you are patient and kind always singing your songs into our hearts where the perfect song is sung. Thank you that the what ifs turn from question marks into explanation points and that our eyes and ears continue to communicate with you as we feast together. Thank you that today we embrace that you really are who you say you are and that Jesus really accomplished what you set him out to do. He removed the sin of the world, our belief that we were ever apart from you. Thank you that since all rose in you that includes adam and sin consciousness and that from this moment on we can all begin to experience son consciousness and you in and through all things. Thank you that you didn’t give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power love and a sound mind. Thank you that when life happens we can experience it from your throne room in your peace that surpasses all understanding.

What a blessed journey!

Kurt and Katy

One thought on “Is the fall of Adam more victorious than the Resurrection of Christ?

  1. Steven Mast

    Wow. I just love blogs like this. I have recently had my whole theology shaken to the core and and dumped out infront of God and aloud him to re-arrange my whole belief system. Things like this help me out a lot. Thank you.

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