“I assure you, you will be with me in Paradise.” 

The older we get, the more people that we love pass away. With the holidays right around the corner, we are often filled with good and/or bad memories, and thoughts of where our deceased loved ones currently are. All religions have opinions and teachings on afterlife. These concepts range from reincarnation to multiple planes of heaven’s with many ideas along the way. Many “Christians” believe that if you profess Jesus than you are spared from hell, while other’s think your eternity is already predestined, and others believe regardless if you believe in Jesus or not if you commit certain crimes or live certain ways you are going to burn in hell.

Personally, I grew up with a mixed idea, on one hand if you confess Jesus you are saved, then on the other hand you are saved unless you mess up or if you don’t live up to the standards of the church. With the loss of many friends and family members throughout my life, I have often wondered why the thief on the cross was told “Today you will be with me in paradise.” (Luke 23:43) Why him? He wasn’t a good guy? Was it because he saw the light of Jesus or believed in Jesus? Not knowing the real answer about Hell or Heaven has caused much sorrow, grief, and anxiety in my lifetime. Not knowing where people stood with Jesus made the idea of loss harder to take. How could this God I was supposed to love unconditionally send people He created to an eternal torture chamber or furnace? I don’t believe I am the only one who has been confused about this. Thankfully, over the pass few years Katy and I have gotten to know God the Father, the Holyi Spirit, and Jesus at a deeper more intimate level causing us to question and analyze much of what is taught in mainstream “Christianity,” including the common teachings on Heaven and Hell.

To be clear, Katy and I, do not claim to know everything on this subject, but with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Father, and Jesus we do believe in the unmatched love of the Triune God. In a previous blog, “The Gospel is 100% Love-Unmerited Favor-and Kindness.” We mentioned some of the individuals we have learned from. There are many teacher’s, authors, Pastors, and theologians who are questioning the current hellfire and damnation teachings in many churches. Common teaching is either focused on the punishment for non believers or the glory for the believers. What if, Jesus has already reconciled all men to the Triune God? What if, the darkness of Hell is believing we have to do anything to be accepted by God, and not some futuristic place? What if, we are to proclaim reconciliation and just the too good to be true news of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? 

We are going to pose a few what if questions for you to ponder. What if, “The entire cosmos is the object of God’s affection! And he is not about to abandon his creation -the gift of his son is for humanity to realize their origin in him who mirrors their authentic birth -begotten not of flesh but of the Father! In this persuasion the life of the ages echoes within the individual and announces that the days of regret and sense of lost-ness are over! God has no intention to condemn anyone -he sent his son, not to be the Judge but the Savior of the world.” (John 3:16;17) 

What if, the entire cosmos really means that the entire cosmos is the object of God’s affection. Wouldn’t this mean no one could be abandoned? Wouldn’t this mean God is not going to condemn anyone but rather bring them all into His supernatural LOVE?
What if, “God is Love (1 John 4:8) and “Love keeps no record of wrongs?”(1 Corinthians 13:5)

What if, God really is love? What if He really just loves everyone as they are regardless of the mistakes they have made?
What if, “God really will never leave or abandon you?” (Hebrews 13:5) and that “He remembers your wicked and lawless deeds no more.” (Hebrew 8:12)

What if, God will never leave or forsake you? What if He loves all of mankind without conditions, and doesn’t take a tally of your good deeds or your mess ups.

What if, “threat whether it be in death or life; be it angelic beings, demon powers or political principalities, nothing known to us at this time, or even in the unknown future; no dimension of any calculation in time or space, nor any device yet to be invented, has what it takes to separate us from the love of God demonstrated in Christ. Jesus is our ultimate authority.” (Romans 8:38-39)

What if, nothing you do or fail to do will ever separate you from God’s love? What if, He is really pleased with what He considers his “perfect masterpiece?”
What if, there is no torturing chamber for anyone upon death, and that “My own life is the guarantee of my conviction, says the Lord, EVERY knee shall FREELY bow to me in worship, and every tongue shall spontaneously speak from the same God-inspired source.” (Romans 14:11) 

What if, every means every and freely means freely. Could this mean everyone will come to know God’s love and out of reverence and admiration of this love, they will spontaneously worship and proclaim His name? Would this mean no furnace or torture chamber for anyone? Would this also mean everyone has been reconciled to Jesus? What if our revelation on Heaven and Hell comes upon our spiritual eyes of understanding being opened by His love? 

We could certainly give many more what ifs on this subject, because the Gospel is always too good to be true news. The old idea of eternal torture for any of God’s children is not too good to be true and simply doesn’t line up with a God who is pure love and pure light. 

Love is the corner stone of the Trinune God, and love never fails. “God showed how much he loved us by sending his one and only Son into the world so that we might have eternal life through him. This is real love-not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins.” (1 John 4:9-10)

“Faith and not flesh defines you! In the persuasion of your authentic sonship there is no separation or rejection! For someone to prefer not to embrace this is to remain under their own judgment sustained by their futile efforts to define themselves through personal performance. In their stubborn unbelief they reject what is revealed and redeemed in the Name of the son, begotten only of the Father and not the flesh. And this is the crisis, the light is here right now, yet people are so addicted to their own darkness that they prefer a life of labors, annoyances and hardships!” (John 3:18-19)

We have all done things we are not proud of and our mistakes can have grave worldly consequences. However, if God is who he says He is then He doesn’t see our mistakes or mess ups. He sees us as His perfect creation. Christ in us is our hope of freedom from a fear of eternal life. He is the only real cleanse for our conscious. This good news defies human logic because we live in a world where we are measured by our actions and behaviors. In God, we are judged and measured in His perfection. God is not now, or has He ever been our punisher, He is our refuge. The love of the Triune God is so great it cannot be measured.

Hell is living under the veil of self works. Hell is a consuming darkness, a veil that keeps us from seeing ourselves the way the Father sees us. The light of world is within us, willing to illuminate the darkness that separates us from seeing ourselves unveiled the way God sees us. God is love, period. Hell is where the enemy wants us to reside. He wants us to get wrapped up in a religion that promotes self effort to get to our Father. Jesus did not come to give us a list of self righteous acts to earn our place back into the family. He came to remind us of who’s we already are. This love is greater than any of our perceived short comings. Everyone is the bride of Christ, this marriage cannot be broken. We have been called to reconcile the heart of people with the truth that they are loved just the way they are. We are asked to pull wrong beliefs from hearts and replant them with love, peace, and joy. What if, instead of using condemnation as a point of correction, we demonstrated His perfect love? In His resurrection we are all resurrected. We can choose to live behind the veil in the darkness of self righteous, or we can experience the light of unconditional, unwavering love.

“Such love has no fear, because perfect love expels all fear. If we are afraid, it is for fear of punishment, and this shows that we have not fully experienced his perfect love.”(1 John 4:18) How we see this verse is an example of how we live life, but also how we see eternity. Do we live our life in fear of eternal punishment or in the freedom we have in Jesus?

Katy and I believe in Love. We believe all of the world was created out of the Trinity’s others giving love. 

What if, humanity began to focus on the fact that we are all created in God’s likeness and image? What if, instead of condemnation and separation, lifestyle and political affiliation, the church actually demonstrated the ministry of reconciliation? Where instead of winning another soul for the congregation, acceptance and love were proclaimed? Despite what you may feel is wrong with you or others, let’s share the love of the Trinity! His breath is the breath that gave all life. You are so pleasing and so perfect in His eyes. You are his authentic creation. God loves everyone. If the fire talked about in His chamber is for anything, it is only to clean and purify us back to the perfect treasure we already are. What if His breath of freedom in your life is the refining fire that brings you back into the one-ness of your creation? God is your father, Christ is your husband, and the Holy Spirit resides in you for all eternity.

What a blessing it is to breath life into all humanity. Love is all inclusive, since God is love and He gave everyone life, then common sense would say God is not inclusive. Since ALL of creation was birthed out of His love, everyone has a longing to know their origin and to be reconciled to that love. When we share with people the power of the Trinity and the unconditional Love of the Father, hearts become ignited with what they have always longed for and total Reconciliation happens!

Thank you Jesus that you are in and through all things. Thank you Father for resurrecting all of humanity the day you resurrected Christ. Thank you that the Holy Spirit gives us your eyes to see into peoples hearts and washes them in the truth of who they are. Out of the abundance of our hearts, the mouth speaks, so thank you that today our hearts our filled to overflowing with your love and in expression your love will continue to flow into the broken hearted lives to assure them that they are made by you and they hear you perfectly. Thank you that the what ifs, turn from question marks into explanation points! Thank you that our lives continue to be unveiled and we can rest in your peace that surpasses all understanding!

With Joyful hearts,

Kurt and Katy

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